Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chorizo and Arugula Scrambled Eggs

It you're anything like me, cooking really isn't just about the food. It's a social endeavour of sorts.I'll cook up a storm for friends and family any day of the week, but tend to shy away from elaborate concoctions when I'm cooking for myself.

Don't get me wrong, I'll indulge in a plateful of delicious cheese, cured meat and bread, or a rustic salad with a tangy dressing, but I usually keep it simple -- and quick. This dish is a new favourite I wanted to share. It's barely a recipe but just a pleasant mix of satisfying ingredients. Silky scrambled eggs cooked low and slow (none of those rubbery, overdone eggs here!), crispy chorizo & a handful of fresh arugula served on top of buttery Challah bread. {Toronto folks, the Challah bread from Harbord bakery is divine!}

I've enjoyed this for a lazy breakfast but it also makes a delicious (and easy!) breakfast-for-dinner option.

Chorizo and Arugula Scrambled Eggs
Serves 1

1/4 cup chopped dry-cured chorizo sausage
2 tsp butter
2 eggs
Splash of milk
Salt and freshly ground pepper
Handful of arugula
2 slices of toasted Challah bread

In skillet over medium high heat, cook chorizo until browned and crispy, about 5 minutes. Reduce heat to low.

In bowl, whisk eggs with milk, salt and pepper. Add butter to pan, pour in the eggs. Stir constantly to breakdown the eggs. Once the egg are scrambled but still a little runny, stir in the arugula. Stir for another minute, Spoon on top of the bread. Enjoy!


La Table De Nana said...

Eggs are a go to here and bread and sausage and salads:-)
We usually always have all that on hand.
Love meals like this:-)
When you eat in 7 days a week 3 times a day..lighter is nicer sometimes~

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely presentation of a wonderful breakfast

Chocolate Shavings said...

La Table De Nana: I agree! And it's hard to get bored of eggs, they're so endlessly versatile.

Chocolate Shavings said...

Torviewtoronto: Thank you!

Kiran @ said...

There's something about scrambled eggs that totally makes me hungry. So hungry :D

Suzanne Perazzini said...

Chorizo with anything is pretty delicious and I can just imagine what a great lift it would give to the eggs.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Scrumptious! What great flavors.



Kitchen Butterfly said...

I love breakfast for dinner, any day! I'm loving the combination of creamy eggs with crisp meat!

Mr. & Mrs. P said...

Looks delicious! What a great breakfast

Jan @ Family Bites said...

Eggs (and potatoes) are pretty much my go to ingredient for most meals, but especially when I'm on my own. I love the look of this dish - so colourful!

Carol | a cup of mascarpone said...

I will take this for any meal of the day! Lovely!

Unknown said...

I would love this for dinner! Love eggs served with salad and the toast is just all the better:-)

Sam Hoffer / My Carolina Kitchen said...

What a colorful presentation. I think this would be great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We love eggs and eat them often.

Sherri @ The Well Floured Kitchen said...

This looks delicious and simple! I love the idea of chorizo in my eggs for breakfast. Extra protein for breakfast is always a good idea.

Chocolate Shavings said...

Sherri: I agree - and you only need a small amount of chorizo for that flavour boost.

Rosenoisettes said...

I'm not so fond of scrambled eggs because I've some difficulties to digest eggs, but yours seem delicious!

Have a nice Sunday.

grace said...

i don't really go all out for myself, either, but i love to dazzle others. this sounds like a perfectly fitting meal for me!

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