Sunday, July 15, 2012

Patterned Plates

We all know that we eat with our eyes first. The same dish, nicely displayed and presented will generally make you want to eat it more than if it comes spooned into yesterday's take-out containers.

Don't get me wrong, some foods are best served stripped of any fancy tableware (think authentic fish and chips served in newspaper or street food served on paper plates) but for most dishes, a little extra effort never hurts. Here are some of my current favourites - I especially love the Kate Spade and Anthropologie ones!

Which one would you add to your dinner table?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Brioche Lobster Rolls

When life gives you lobster, make lobster rolls! There are many perfect summer meals, but little comes close to a fresh lobster roll enjoyed by the water, with a soft breeze and the sun shining. If all these components are not part of your everyday routine, the lobster roll alone should do!
I don't like to get too fussy when I make lobster rolls - or overpower the dish with excess sauce. If you've ever had a lobster roll with more mayonnaise and bread than meaty lobster chunks, you'll know exactly what I mean! I like to keep things simple: a little homemade mayonnaise with herbs, hearty bite-size lobster pieces, a warm, buttery brioche and crisp Boston lettuce.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Ultimate Fish Tacos

Fish tacos have become a regular on the menu in our household - they're a stress-free option to serve for get-togethers, especially in the summertime when you don't want something too heavy. Guests can mound whichever toppings they like onto a hearty taco shell, and all you have to do is scatter a few different toppings across the table. If you're having a lot of people over, this really is an easy way to entertain. Most of the toppings can be made ahead of time and the fish can be prepared in a few minutes once your guests arrive. I like to serve these with an ice-cold jug of watermelon juice and/or glasses of berry mojitos. It's more relaxed than a sit-down dinner and perfect for a warm summer evening where you want to eat outside. If you're hosting a potluck, have every guest bring their favourite taco topping while you provide a few of the essentials.
Here are a few of my favourite toppings. I also love serving these with shredded red cabbage, grilled corn kernels, purple rice and orange salsa. What are some of our favourite fish taco toppings?
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