Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seared Scallops with Lemony Parmesan Peas

Have I declared my love of seafood on this blog before? If not, I must! I absolutely love seafood - some of my favourite childhood food memories include my mother and I heading to our local neighborhood market in Paris and getting delicious shellfish that we would enjoy for Sunday lunches with homemade mayonnaise. Favourites were always 'bigorneaux' (a sea snail), lobster and shrimp. For some reason, seafood always feels like a celebratory meal for me - maybe because it's more expensive than meat or chicken - or maybe just because I don't have it that often. Delicious, fresh - and decently priced - seafood is not always easy to find!

For this dish, I used wild Nova Scotian sea scallops which I buy frozen. This makes it more affordable (usually) and the scallops still taste fresh and plump. Having these on hand in my freezer has helped make scallops a more regular meal in our house. This dish also includes microgreens - healthy edible plants with a lovely bite - but you could replace these with pea shoots or baby spinach, or omit them altogether.Now for the recipe..!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cookbook giveaway: Norwegian Cakes and Cookies

Each month, I usually run a giveaway here with a cookbook I think my readers will enjoy. This month, I have a copy of  Norwegian Cakes and Cookies - a pretty cookbook that I hope will inspire you to cook up a few desserts that you've never made before. The book offers a beautiful repertoire of dessert recipes - many based on traditional Norwegian desserts with a modern twist. Acclaimed pastry chef Sverre Saetre shares some of his favourite recipes alongside some gorgeous food photos. Some standout recipes I can't wait to try are his Marzipan Cake with Strawberries, Raspberry Jam with Lychee and his Rhubarb Soup with Cinnamon and Sour Cream. It's often easy to get into a bit of kitchen routine and to make the same desserts over and over again. This book is the perfect opportunity to step out of your comfort zone - whatever it may be - and try something new!

To win your very own copy of this cookbook, simply let me know which dessert you've made most recently. The contest ends on April 12th 2012, at midnight. The winner will be drawn at random and you must be a Canadian or American resident to enter. Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Yellow Kitchen Accessories

I love brightening my kitchen with a little pop of colour. It makes the space inviting and cosy and makes me want to cook that much more. Somehow, yellow items always seem to make it to the top of my list of favourites so I thought I would share some of my current sunny kitchen crushes.

The start of spring has been incredibly warm here in Toronto -- it actually seems like we skipped a beat and fell right into summer. My lighter clothing is still in storage and only days ago I was still thinking about a couple stew and roast recipes I wanted to try. But there is no room to complain here so here are a few pretty items to get in the mood to entertain!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf with a Lemon Glaze

This post is the perfect platform to declare my love for meyer lemons. If you've never tasted one of these gorgeously sweet citrus, I hope it will be on your to-do list for the week! Meyer lemons are ideal to bake with and give that perfectly intense citrus flavour to sweet treats. This lemon loaf can, of course, be made with run of the mill lemons but try making it with organic meyer lemons if you can - you won't be disappointed!

As for this delicious dessert it comes together in minutes and features a mix of poppy seeds and lemon - a classic combination that usually pleases any palette!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dark Chocolate Medallions with Pistachios and Candied Papaya

I'm almost ashamed to write out a recipe for these delicious indulgences because they are so incredibly simply to make. These little dessert bites came about a few nights ago. Do you ever have a late night sugar craving you just can't soothe? It's not the most healthy feeling, but, let's face it, it happens to the best of us. I could have settled for a little piece of dark chocolate only but I knew I wanted to turn my craving into something I could share with all of you... and this is how these little chocolate discs made their way onto my kitchen counter. They take minutes to put together and are also perfect to serve with a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon.

I've had different versions of these growing  up - they're called 'mendiants' and are basically chocolate discs topped with candied fruit. You can try these with different variations of fruits and nuts -  I love the combination of salty pistachios with sweet candied papaya but walnuts and candied orange are delicious too, as is candied lemon and toasted almonds! You can lay these out on a parchment-lined cookie sheet, but I like to use a Silpat for projects like these.

Friday, March 2, 2012

DIY Coffee Table

Regular readers of this blog will notice that I've been sharing more and more home decor posts with all of you. The truth is, I've always been a lover of any creative DIY project, and my love of food has always been linked to my love of pretty tableware. So, it was only natural that I start sharing some of my decor inspiration with all of you! As a regular contributor for Style at Home, decorating is a topic I love to discuss during work hours as well as during my leisure moments.

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