Thursday, October 1, 2009

Apple Crisp

It's apple week in the Chocolate Shavings kitchen! This is the second apple dessert I've got my hands on since going apple picking this weekend. I still have a basket-full of apples to get through, so keep on sending me your favorite apple recipes! I had never made apple crisp before. In France, I was used to eating crumbles (fruit topped with a mixture of sugar and butter crumbles) but we don't really use oats as a topping. I got these amazing organic oats the other day though, so I decided this French girl should North-Americanize a little!

I used a Martha Stewart recipe for this dessert around and it worked wonderfully. Give it a try, and keep on eating those tasty seasonal apples!

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A Bowl Of Mush said...

Really gorgeous and lovely pics too!

Mélanie said...

I love both apple crumbles and crisps. One of my other favorite recipe (wich uses lots of apples)is an apple cake / pie that comes from my grand-mother. It's a very popular cake in Germany, with an apple compote between two layers of "murbeteig" (like a pâte sucrée). You'll find the recipe on my blog, in French and English! :)
I hope you enjoy it...

Fiber said...

I was just thinking today I needed to make some sort of apple crisp. thanks for the confirmation!

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