Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kitchen Favourites

I often get asked what kitchen accessories I couldn’t live without. For me, it’s often the small things that make cooking a smooth and fun process. I’ve compiled some of my favourites kitchen items to share with you. They are all pretty inexpensive items that make cooking and baking as easy as pie. What are some of your favourites? To read my full post, visit Style at Home.

1 Stainless steel knife rack
This is really the most efficient way to store knives. In a minute, knives are safely put away and readily accessible.

2 Kuhn knives
Paring knifes are one of the most useful tools to perform small tasks in the kitchen. I love the range of colours Kuhn offers. They are also made with a carbon steel blade which helps keep them sharp.

3 Apple tea towel
The designs at Ferm Living are absolutely stunning. I love their organic cotton kitchen towels — they have the perfect pop of colour for any kitchen space.
4 Silicone tongs
Most chefs do not use tongs in professional kitchens but I find them to be one of the most useful tools in a home kitchen. The silicone ensures you won’t scratch the surface of your pans.

5 Garlic press
This incredibly inexpensive tool is ideal for mincing garlic in seconds.

6 Mixing bowls
I use mixing bowls for seasonings, marinades and garnishes. I love these bowls from Anthropologie. Stacked on a shelf in different colours, they are beautifully functional.

7 Silicone baking mat
This silicone mat does not need to be greased and is completely non-stick. It’s perfect for making any type of cookie and replaces parchment paper.

8 Microplane
This is my absolute favourite! You can use it to grate zests, chocolate and parmesan cheese.

9 White silicone cookie spatula
This silicone spatula is slanted to make it easy to move cookies from a baking mat to a cooling rack. It’s also a practical tool for other tasks in the kitchen.


Nisrine M. said...

Really really hip and cool. I love the modern garlic press a lot!

Renee said...

This is similar to my list...and that tea towel is so pretty!

paddle attachment said...

I agree, one NEEDS these things in the kitchen. My personal favorite - the cookie spatula. I have one that I only use for baking so that it doesn't get all savory-esque.

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Yes, these are my absoulte must haves as well... in addition to many others e.g. my digital kitchen scale and measuring cup!

Deanna said...

Great list! I'd add small and medium cookie scoops for baking tasks.

ABowlOfMush said...

I love Kuhn knives, they're brilliant!

M Jazeel said...

i have this microplane grater, and it seriously helps me with cheese and chocolates.. Favorite tool of mine.

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